Thank you for taking an interest in my professional background. This site, in addition to my LinkedIn profile (LinkedIn), can be seen as my online resume. 

I am the owner of the company ‘Explicate’. It is my mission in life to bridge the gap in comprehension between supply and demand in technically innovate industries, like the security industry. Please have a look at company website for more info.

In addition I own and manage the Security Industry Group on LinkedIn.


Commercially driven general manager with extensive international experience that brings out the best in people. Working in several sectors since 1996. Performing management roles since 1997. Strong affinity with technology.

I have a strong background in Management, Business Development, Information Technology and Educational Science.

It is my prime objective to help businesses achieve their targets of growth through comprehensive strategic planning and effective execution of those plans.

Specialties: Corporate Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Online Strategy, Sales Management, Business Development, Business Administration, Security Management, HRD, Training Solutions, Educational Services, Consulting Services, Marketing & Sales.


I am often described as friendly yet persistent. A natural leader without the need to be in the spotlight. I consider my analytical skills an asset but understand that an analysis without a conclusion that is converted into action is useless. I tend to be a fanatic when it comes to achieving goals and am almost allergic to pointless use of buzzwords and people that back away from their responsibility.

Management style

It is my strong belief that business success usually is a result of a strategic approach in which multiple business areas (marketing, business development, culture, product development, etc.) are aligned properly. I love to see people in my team excel at what they do.

The potential of individuals is best unlocked when they feel respected and part of the team and when their value to the business is acknowledged. Feedback on performance needs to delivered explicitly, in time and in a constructive way to facilitate individual professional growth.


I take great pride in the fact that all teams that I have been offered the opportunity to manage, even from a relatively young age, have made significant commercial progress.

My latest company entity has achieved a double digit CAGR of over the years 2010-2017. Its market position has strengthened and they are currently perceived to be market leading in their segment.